RODE NTG5 Kit Moisture-Resistant Short Shotgun Microphone


For Films, TV & Documentaries.
Moisture-Resistant for Humid Conditions.
Phantom Powered.
Simple Operation with No Controls.
Transparent Tone with Tight Low End.
Ultralow-Noise Circuitry.
Ultrahigh Sensitivity Needs Less Gain.
Slight Presence Boost & Bass Attenuation.
Includes Furry Windshield & Pistol Grip.
Compact, Ultralightweight Housing.



Shorter and lighter than the NTG3 and with a flatter bass response, the Rode NTG5 moisture-resistant shotgun microphone lets you capture natural, uncolored sound indoors or outside for your next film, TV shoot, or documentary project without weighing down your rig.


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