7RYMS iRay DW10 Mini Wireless Microphone


48kHz/16bit Recording, CD-level Lossless Sound Quality.
Built-in Sound Card, Support Multi-scene Usage.
Innovative Duplex Transmission, Support Two-way Interaction & Monitoring.
Brand-new AI Denoise Technology, Support One-key Denoise.
Built-in Bluetooth 5.3 Chip, Support Bluetooth Input Audio.
Built-in DSP Chip, Provide Superior Reverb Effect.
Digital/Analog Output, Universal for Camera, Smartphone, Computer.
Support Stepless Gain Control, One-key Muting & Mono/Stereo Mode.
Rechargeable Storage Case, Operating Time Up to 15 Hours.
USB-C Charging Port, Support Charging While Using.
Low Latency < 20ms, Working Range Up to 200m(Open Area).



Unleash your creativity with this compact wireless microphone, delivering exceptional audio quality in a portable and versatile design.


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