Saramonic Blink 900 B2 2-Person Wireless Microphone System


For Videographers, Journalists, Vloggers.
2 Premium Omni Lavalier Microphones.
2 Miniature Clip-On Mic/Transmitters.
Miniature Dual-Channel Pro Receiver.
Separate 3.5mm Main & Headphone Outputs.
Easy to Use, Auto-Sensing LCD Screens.
Mute Function, Mono/Stereo Output Mode.
Internal 6-Hour Batteries, Charging Case.
3.5mm Cables for Camera & Mobile Device.
Up to 656′ Range.



Shrinking their previous wireless systems down to even smaller components, Saramonic Blink 900 B2 wireless microphone system gives content creators, run-and-gun videographers, and mobile journalists a pro-quality, all-inclusive solution for recording two subjects to your camera, camcorder, smartphone, or tablet.


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